18 sep 23

“A unique chance to network and stay updated”

Paweł Samczyk is the Chief Operating Officer of Exacto, a Poland-based group that helps car brands, vehicle distributors and dealers develop their business, supporting the entire process of selling new and used cars. This year, he’s also a member of the Fleet Europe Remarketing Awards jury. What’s his take on today’s remarketing trends and strategies, and on the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum and Awards? Let’s find out.

The Remarketing Forum and Remarketing Awards are part of the Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November, Lisbon). Click here to register!

According to you, what are the biggest trends in vehicle remarketing today?

“There are several trends, depending on the area. We see six major ones. First, digitalization. The shift towards digital platforms for vehicle remarketing continues. Online auctions and sales platforms have become more sophisticated, unlocking both broader inventories and bigger audiences.” 

‘Second, data analytics and AI are increasingly used to assess value, predict trends and optimise pricing. The result: better-informed decisions and more potential for profitability. Third: greater emphasis on detailed condition reports and transparency on vehicle history. This builds trust, reducing disputes and smoothing transactions.” 

“Fourth, more sustainability and EVs. More organisations are incorporating electric vehicles and remarketing older, traditional ICE vehicles. Fifth, the rise of remote inspections and appraisals. These digitized and AI-powered services have reduced the need for lengthy manual inspections, increasing the potential for speeding up the remarketing process.”

“And finally, marketplace consolidation, as larger players continue to acquire smaller companies to expand their market reach and capabilities.”

When car manufacturers ask you for tips to boost their used-car sales, what do you tell them?

“Remarketing success for manufacturers requires a strategic approach, taking into account market dynamics and evolving customer preferences. Some tips: Leverage online platforms and digital marketing to reach a broader audience, using high-quality photos, detailed listings, and virtual tours to enhance the experience. To build trust, be transparent about the vehicle's history, including service records, accident history, and ownership details.” 

“Also, invest in thorough vehicle inspections and refurbishment. Used cars in excellent condition justify higher price points and attract more buyers. Establish or enhance Certified Pre-Owned programmes. CPO vehicles come with manufacturer-backed warranties, rigorous inspections, and other benefits, instilling confidence in buyers.”

“Offer competitive pricing and financing options to make your vehicles more accessible to budget-conscious consumers. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and ratings. Address negative feedback promptly and professionally. Have trade-in programmes that make it easy to trade in current vehicles for newer models.”

“Run targeted marketing and promotion campaigns, highlighting the benefits of buying a used car from the manufacturer (reliability, quality, etc.) Reward loyal customers who choose to buy a used car from your brand. Provide excellent customer support before and after the sale. Continuously monitor market trends, consumer preferences, and competitors' strategies to adapt your remarketing approach accordingly.”

Which benefits can Exacto’s customers expect in 2024?

“We specialise in providing comprehensive, omnichannel solutions and experiences that help automotive customers – including OEMs, NSCs and showrooms – to develop their business, especially in remarketing and used-car trading.”

“We offer omnichannel solutions that may include point-of-sale products, marketing concepts and tech solutions to support these processes, both in the digital and physical world. In so doing, Exacto Group builds a bridge between the online and offline worlds. We also offer excellent customer experiences – which are key to providing satisfaction and building loyalty. Plus, we offer used-car remarketing and trading services, helping clients optimise their processes. Last but not least, we offer support and consulting, in order to help clients achieve success in the automotive industry.”

“In short, we provide comprehensive services and solutions, supporting various aspects of our customers’ activities in automotive.”

You’re in this year’s jury for the Fleet Europe Remarketing Awards. Why should remarketing experts attend the awards ceremony – and the Remarketing Forum, both on 22 November this year in Lisbon? 

“Firstly, because it is an excellent networking opportunity. The Remarketing Forum brings together professionals from various segments of the vehicle remarketing industry. Those who attend get to network with peers, industry leaders, and potential business partners. Those connections can lead to valuable business opportunities.”

“Secondly, because if you want to remain competitive and make informed decisions, you need to stay up to date. That’s why the event features a wide range of experts, as keynote speakers and panelists, and in workshops. These sessions provide valuable insights into the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.” 

“Finally, there will be plenty of vendor and supplier showcases, giving attendees the chance to explore the latest tools, tech, and solutions available to boost their remarketing operations.” 

“So, attending the 2023 Remarketing Forum and Awards offers remarketing professionals a unique opportunity to network, to stay up to date, and to showcase their expertise. It’s a valuable investment in professional growth and a chance to contribute to the success and innovation of the entire vehicle remarketing industry.”

The Remarketing Forum and Remarketing Awards are part of the Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November, Lisbon). Click here to register!

Image: Fleet Europe