29 oct 19

Nikola Vuckovic takes on global Safety role at PMI

Effective November 1st, Nikola Vuckovic (pictured) will take on a global role at Philip Morris International (PMI). He will become Global Market & Fleet Safety Manager. 

  • In his new role, Mr Vuckovic will be PMI's strategic lead in market and fleet safety, ensuring the company achieves and maintains sustainable performances in these areas.
  • He will also manage the global market and fleet safety programme, and
  • maintain communication with the internal and external stakeholders with an overview on programme implementation, performance development and emerging issues.  

Mr Vuckovic has more than 14 years' experience at PMI's subsidiary in Serbia. In 2012, he was appointed Manager for Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S), responsible for South-East Europe (SEE). In 2017, he acquired the additional responsibility for Integrated Facility Management Services (IFMS). For a number of years, Mr Vuckovic has also led Fleet Safety programmes in the East Europe, Middle East and Africa (EEMA) region.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs