17 fév 16

Bridgestone DriveGuard: safety and comfort for everyone

A run-flat tyre that is no longer restricted to certain car models or brands and that resists both tread and shoulder punctures – without sacrificing ride comfort? It’s available now, and it’s called Bridgestone DriveGuard.

One of the major assets of this “game changing innovation” is that, unlike other run-flat offerings, it does not require special rims or a tailor-made chassis and damping set up. Moreover, it is available in a wide array of sizes, covering the majority of all TPMS-equipped passenger cars available on the European market.

Another differentiator is that DriveGuard resists punctures not only in the tread, but also in the shoulder of the tyre, unlike other mobility systems. Yet, its reinforced sidewalls do not compromise the ride quality, neither in terms of dynamic performance, nor as far as comfort and noise levels are concerned. Bridgestone has put a lot of R&D effort into this area, making it a Unique Selling Proposition.

The reassurance of not being stranded

According to the manufacturer, 60% of all drivers has experienced a puncture in the past four years, leading to potentially dangerous situations and lost time of up to 3 hours. Bridgestone DriveGuard eliminates the risk of being stranded, as you can keep driving for up to 80 kilometres at a speed of maximum 80 km/h – even with a fully deflated tyre.

In other words: DriveGuard avoids the immediate burden and unsafe circumstances of a flat tyre because it allows you to reach the next tyre service centre, contributing to a premium customer experience and saving precious time. Also, as you don’t have to call for roadside assistance, the company saves operational and internal administration costs.

Safe and green

Regardless its dimensions, DriveGuard boasts excellent European tyre label values. Its excellent A value for wet braking indicates that DriveGuard is a no-compromise tyre. Also, independent research by TÜV Rheinland - a leading German product testing organization - showed that DriveGuard outperformed standard competitors on 4 out of 6 criteria: aquaplaning in a straight line, lateral aquaplaning, dry braking and lateral wet grip.

In most cases it gets a C for rolling resistance. Moreover, DriveGuard eliminates the need for a spare tyre, not only requiring less natural resources and materials but also reducing the vehicle’s weight and thereby contributing to a lower fuel consumption. Finally, DriveGuard does not require special recycling procedures – unlike other mobility solutions.

Convenience for all

BridgeStone DriveGuard is not limited to specific makes or models and does not require special rims. It can be fitted to most any passenger car that is equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – a device that became mandatory for new vehicles sold in the EU as of November 2014.

This means that in 2016, 32 million customers can benefit from the many advantages that DriveGuard offers. Bridgestone’s innovative tyre is available in sizes ranging from 185/65 R15 to 245/40 R18, both in winter and summer livery.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier