9 mar 16
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Volvo promotes ‘Nordic Model’ for autonomous driving

Bringing together the public sector, private sector and academia, the famed Nordic Model provides a template for the rapid implementation of autonomous driving technologies worldwide. Such is the message which Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars, will bring at a seminar on autonomous driving in Sweden this week.

According to the Swedish carmaker, AD will not only save lives, but also improve traffic flows, enhance air quality and save time. That is why its CEO pushes for a speedy introduction. The best way forward is to get everyone involved working together at the earliest opportunity, the communication released by Volvo on March 8 reads.

Mr Samuelsson will attend a high level seminar in Stockholm on March 10 at the Swedish parliament entitled ‘A Future with Self Driving Cars – Threat or Opportunity?’, which will bring together Volvo Cars, Autoliv, the Swedish car safety supplier company, Chalmers, the leading Swedish technology and engineering university, leading commentators on AD technology and senior Swedish politicians.

Volvo’s CEO will welcome moves by regulators and car makers in the US and Europe to develop AD cars and infrastructure, but encourages all parties involved to work more constructively together to avoid patchwork regulations, technological duplication and needless expense.

Sweden has enjoyed a long tradition of open communication between the public and private sectors, leading to enhanced productivity and the rapid and effective introduction of rules, regulations and infrastructure to support new technologies.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier