11 oct 19

Danish insurer Tryg uses SafeDrivePod 

SafeDrivePod has entered into a cooperation with Danish insurance company Tryg, one of the largest non-life insurers in the Nordics. Tryg will be using SafeDrivePod to reduce traffic accidents among its customers.

Handheld mobile phone use is not only dangerous but also – in most countries – illegal. Nevertheless, many drivers are still tempted to call, text or read on their phone. 

Eliminating temptation

SafeDrivePod is an app that eliminates the temptation, locking mobile phones when it detects the driver’s vehicle is in motion. The Dutch-based provider of the app has now developed Tryg Mobil, which will allow the Danish insurer to offer this mobile blocking service to its customers. 

“We’re pleased to pass on our experience to the Danish market,” said Paul Hendriks, SafeDrivePod’s founder and Managing Director. “Our global base is 121,000 vehicles, and growing. Our goal is to save 1000 lives by 2020.”

B2B customers

In September, Tryg launched a pilot with Tryg Mobil in its B2B customer segment – mainly transport and logistics operations – although the pilot is open to all companies insured by Tryg with a fleet of more than 15 vehicles. After six months, Tryg will evaluate if and how to integrate the mobile blocker into its overall offer.
“Trucks and vans can cause great damage in case of accident. We’ve observed SafeDrivePod’s results abroad with great interest, and we hope we can see the effect of TrygMobil in our statistics,” says Johan Kirstein Brammer, Tryg’s CCO. 

Suitable for couriers

The SafeDrivePod solution consists of three elements: a five-cent-sized piece of hardware, the related app, and a reporting system for fleet managers. If the hardware detects movement of the vehicle, the app blocks the mobile device’s screen. Phoning is then only possible in hands-free mode. The screen is unblocked again 10 seconds after the vehicle stands still. 

SafeDrivePod works without GPS and therefore doesn’t record any trips. The SafeDrivePod is not only suitable for use in trucks, but also in passenger cars or buses. It can even be useful on a bicycle (e.g. for couriers).

Authored by: Frank Jacobs