1 déc 21
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HERE launches new map for EU’s upcoming intelligent speed regulation

Image depicting HERE's new map for Intelligent Speed Regulation

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is around the corner. As of July 2022, every new car model, van, truck and bus sold in the EU must be equipped with some sort of sensory alarm (audible, haptic, power control…) that is triggered by excessive speed. Norway and Switzerland agreed to the ruling as well.

But how can accurate legal speed be known in real-life situations? ISA makes use of front-facing camera’s that read the road signs. However, sometimes multiple speeds apply for different vehicles, or traffic signs are poorly visible and even absent. In those cases, ISA relies on the mapping data of the navigation system.

Digital map builder HERE has now developed an ISA version, which meets the requirements under the European Union’s new regulation and assists in situations that are specifically challenging for cameras. The new map extends to implicit speed limits derived from sign-posts without numerical value (e.g. entering an urban area) or limits imposed by road ruling typically not advertised through signs. It was developed to give ISA solid feedback.    

Several car brands have already chosen the ISA map. For simpler solutions and smaller vehicle segments, it is being made available as a standalone product.

According to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) ISA is expected to reduce collisions by 30% and death toll by 20%.

Image courtesy of HERE Technologies

Article authored by Bart Van Holderbeke

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