23 avr 20
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SafeDrivePod’s Corona-Tracer helps prevent company-wide quarantines

To support the combat against COVID-19, Netherlands-based technology and driver safety specialist SafeDrivePod has developed a solution to help track the recent movements of their employees. 

Should one of them fall ill with the coronavirus, Corona-Tracer will be able to figure out in an instant which other employees he or she has been in close contact with in the past two weeks. This will help determine which other employees are at risk of infection, thus preventing the need for all employees to go into quarantine.

The solution also identifies which areas of the company building the infected employee has frequented during the past two weeks, which facilitates cleaning the right areas quickly. In this way, the Corona-Tracer makes it easier to ensure business continuity, even in times requiring lockdowns, social distancing and quarantines.  

SafeDrivePod’s Corona-Tracer is aimed specifically at employers – and is not to be confused with various apps being considered by national governments, in order to ensure social distancing between their citizens.

Those apps, none of which has been launched successfully, are smartphone-based; the Corona-Tracer by SafeDrivePod is in fact a separate sensor (pictured) that employees are required to carry with them. The tracer does not have a GPS chip, but uses Bluetooth tech to determine the distance between devices. Each sensor has a unique ID code, and only the HR department has the ability to link that code to its ‘wearer’. 

SafeDrivePod’s Corona-Tracer costs €25 per employee for 6 months. 

Picture copyright: SafeDrivePod, 2020.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs