26 aoû 19

CarVi and HERE Technologies help cut insurance premiums

Location service provider HERE Technologies is teaming up with AI-based driving assistance solution provider CarVi to gain better insights into driver behaviour and improve safety. The partnership will benefit insurance risk analysis and hence drivers who drive responsibly and get rewarded for doing so.

CarVi is using HERE Location Services to combine their telematics data with real-world location intelligence to create contextual insights about driver behaviour and in turn, to create a coaching mechanism for drivers. CarVi uses a dash cam with computer vision technology backed by six sensors which captures telematics data, along with speed limit and traffic flow speed plus video in real time. The data is then analysed to study driver behaviour and build a coaching mechanism.

The resulting video is instrumental in faster claims management for insurance companies, fleet owners and ride-hailing drivers. Moreover, automotive manufacturers can easily add CarVi into their vehicles to enable internet connectivity, enhanced safety and 3D road data collection, HERE Technologies says.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier