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How to keep your drivers moving and safe, whatever the weather

It can be a headache: how can your drivers provide continuous service, without compromising their safety, in an era when the roads are exposed to weather conditions that are increasingly difficult to anticipate?

On dry, wet or snowy roads, in high, moderate or cold temperatures, safety depends first on the only elements that are in contact with the road: the tyres. But which tyres would be capable of ensuring good performance, in summer or winter, in unpredictable and sometimes difficult weather conditions?

The safe solution, all year round

To ensure safe grip on snow, the tyres on your vehicles must have the 3PMSF marking which certifies effective performance on snow. This label was originally intended for winter tyres which remain, of course, the best choice for extreme winters, but are not as effective in summer.

That's why, in 2015, MICHELIN introduced its CrossClimate ranges: 3PSMF-certified all-season tyres that combine technology of winter and summer tyres to enable safe driving at all times of the year, on both dry and wet surfaces, and even on snow, from -10°C to +30°C.

An award-winning technology

MICHELIN offers three ranges of tyres to meet the needs of all types of vehicles:

  • MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 for passenger cars
  • MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV for SUVs
  • MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate for vans 

All three ranges have an innovative polymer that adapts itself to ever-changing road temperatures.

Awarded by independent testers, the new MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 and CrossClimate 2 SUV were ranked #1 on dry braking* and #1 in all snow tests on braking and traction*. MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate also offers excellence in dry braking*.

Safe, smart and cost-efficient

MICHELIN CrossClimate all-season tyres offer safe and long lasting performance, from the first to the very last kilometer all the way to the wear limit (1.6mm), in all weather conditions*. It helps you reduce waste by replacing tyres less often and therefore improves your total cost of ownership.

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Images: courtesy of Michelin