10 juin 20
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Fixico ‘corona-proofs’ Dutch taxis together with body repair shops

Dutch start-up Fixico and several body repair shops have joined forces to supply the taxi industry with mandatory protective screens.

When a distance of one and a half metres cannot be maintained, a physical separation between the driver's seat and the passenger seats has become mandatory for taxi drivers and passenger transportation in general. Fixico, an online car damage repair handling platform, works with many taxi and passenger transport companies and identified the urgent need for protective screens.

The FixiCover Driver Shield has been developed in a short period of time, in conjunction with body repair shops, and is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. FixiCover is currently suitable for more than 40 different types of vehicle; ranging from passenger cars to larger vans, commonly used in passenger transport.

Drivers can easily book a screen installation appointment via Fixico's online scheduling system and certified body repair shops will install the screens. Many repair shops are currently experiencing empty workshops, and fewer vehicles on the road means fewer damage occurrences. So, installing FixiCover screens provides additional turnover for body repair shops during this time.

Photo credit: Fixico, 2020

Authored by: Dieter Quartier