12 mai 20

How Sixt is supporting to create the 'New Normal' and you can help

The emergency is no longer an exception. It is now the 'New Normal', and the measure of our success as an industry – and indeed as a society – will be how well we learn to cope with it. Sixt is offering an inspiring example, with its Cars4Keyworkers programme.  

Apart from a handful of Pacific islands, the coronavirus is now present all across the world. 

Mindful and careful
It's a reality we're learning to live with one step at a time, as more and more countries gradually come out of lockdown. However, this resumption of social and economic activity can only be successful if we remain mindful of the risk and thus careful in our interactions with others. 

That's the 'New Normal' in which we're all finding our way forward. It will require creativity and generosity on all our parts. Sixt is providing a good example of both, with its Cars4Keyworkers programme. 

With that programme, the company provides rental cars at cost price to key workers like doctors and nurses, so they can commute in maximum safety to and from work.

Government support
The scheme is in operation across many countries, including the US and Germany, where local government support helps fund this and similar schemes. As a sample of how the scheme fits with the particular needs of the times, here are some observations from the UK, where it is also in effect:

  • Sixt launched Cars4Keyworkers in the UK shortly before lockdown went into effect. In short, it offers key workers access to rental cars at 30% off retail price.
  • The objective is to keep key workers commuting between home and work away from public transport. Sadly, Transport for London lost 32 workers to the virus; and it was recently reported that taxi drivers are at high risk of getting infected. Both instances prove the risk of public and shared transport.
  •  Other attempts to mitigate the risk of public transport include sourcing taxis and hotels, but as social distancing could be in place for the rest of the year, such short-term solutions are not sustainable. 
  • As the lockdown is lifted, even more people will use public and shared transport, increasing the risk.

Fundraising campaign

  • Hence the strong interest in Cars4Keyworkers, from various National Health Service trusts, mainly from London (pictured: NHS Nightingale Hospital, set up in east London's ExCeL conference centre). 
  • In order to provide the cars not just at cost, but entirely free, Sixt has kicked off a fundraising campaign. Raising £250,000 (€285,000) would enable them to provide 250 cars for three months for free.
  • If Sixt can raise the first £100,000 (€114,000) via its own network, the company will match the amount, and raise the campaign's scale from London to the entirety of England.
  • This will enable many key workers throughout the country to settle into the 'New Normal', by keeping themselves and their families as safe as possible, while maintaining their essential work in NHS hospitals.
  • The public fundraising page will go live any day, but if you would  like to already make a donation you can contact Stuart DonnellyStuart.donnelly@sixt.com

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs