7 fév 19

Car sharing to bridge the gap to electric mobility in Dublin

Albeit driving an EV is more sustainable, and for many EV drivers more convenient as well, the price tag is often still a big burden to overcome. That's why the new EV car sharing system that's being launched in Dublin, will be a welcome way to make EVs more accessible. 

Green Mobility will start with a fleet of 400 EVs in Dublin. The Danish car sharing company works together with local actors to operate its car sharing fleet, such as the NSB, the national state transport company in Oslo. Similarly to its fleet in Oslo and in Copenhagen, Green Mobility will use Renault Zoes for its Dublin fleet. 

Green, shared and smart

Besides being green and shared, the entire fleet is optimised with smart features, such as key free locking and unlocking systems via the smartphone application. Moreover, the cars warn the operating system when they are running below 10% of battery, so they are no longer shown as available on the application. Further on, the system alerts the Green Mobility staff, who will charge the car before returning to the system.  

The car sharing service will be free floating, so drivers do not have to return the vehicle to a dedicated parking spot, but can use it from door to door, contrary to the car sharing service of GoCar, the car sharing leader in Ireland at the moment. Nevertheless, the latter does not operate with EVs as Green Mobility does.

Carsharing vs carpooling

Besides both car sharing operators, there are various carpooling services active in Dublin and in Ireland as well, showing the willingness and the readiness of the Irish market for shared transport. The main difference with car sharing is that the shared rides within a carpooling system are executed by the owner and/or driver of the car, to people who head in the same direction, while the cars of a car sharing program are owned by a separate fleet owner who let its cars be used by others. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen