2 déc 19

Garenta continues to break routine with MOOV by Garenta and ikinciyeni.com in Turkey

Çelik Motor, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020, has made significant contributions to the development of the automotive sector since it was founded. As the oldest automotive company in Turkey, it continues to lead the way with a carsharing solution and a second-hand car platform.

Çelik Motor, which placed its rental operations under the roof of Garenta in 2016; is shaping the sector with its brands GarentaPro for long-term renting and GarentaDAY for short-term renting.


MOOV by Garenta, the first carsharing solution in Turkey that was launched in September 2018, offers its users the freedom to rent a car for minutes in a metropolis like Istanbul. At its start, the application had 600 vehicles on offer, a number that has since grown to 1,550 that have already been rented a record 5,167 times in one day, a number that confirms MOOV’s leading position in carsharing on the Turkish market.

MOOV by Garenta serves a very wide region in Istanbul and allows users to rent a car for 15 minutes including fuel for 5km with prices starting from TL8.5. The application has been downloaded more than half a million times since its inception and it has been used to rent a car more than 700,000 times in only a year’s time.

On average, the 1,550 shared vehicles MOOV by Garenta offers are rented 4,000 times a day on average. By 2020, the company wants to double the vehicle fleet, allowing users to add their own vehicles to the system.

Second-hand car platform

ikinciyeni.com, launched in 2014, is the brand introduced on the Turkish market to sell second-hand cars on an online platform. Since 2017, private sellers can also sell their vehicles on the platform.

Now, ikinciyeni.com added a new Buy Now option on the vehicle’s details page, allowing users to make an immediate purchase without joining an auction.

Since its start, sales amounting to TL5 billion were achieved through the platform and around 100,000 vehicles found a new owner. With nearly 400,000 members and annual sales of over 20,000 cars, ikinciyeni.com continues to be the innovative brand in automobile e-commerce.

More info: https://www.garentamoov.com/en