31 oct 23

“I want to reward results, not concepts”

Vinzenz Pflanz is Chief Business Officer at Sixt and member of the company’s management board. This year, he’s also a member of the Fleet Europe Awards, which will be handed out at the Fleet Europe Days on 22-23 November in Lisbon. Here he shares his thoughts on the changing fleet ecosystem and on what he’s looking for in this year’s Awards candidates.

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A few years ago, Corporate Mobility and the switch from Fleet to Mobility were the hot topics. It feels like we’re in a different world now: Sustainability and Supply Chain issues seem all we talk about. What’s your perspective?

“Mobility in its broadest sense is still one of the key topics that customers ask us about. The wish to replace the company car by a variety of transportation modes is a trend that is growing, also because there is a strong connection to sustainability, with a focus on using EVs whenever possible. And certainly, the Supply Chain issue is absolutely central. That’s where the focus of companies is these days.”

What do you see as the top trend in international fleet and mobility management – not just today, but also tomorrow? How will that affect the customer, and what is Sixt doing about it? 

“Almost all customers want to go full electric, and need support from us in terms of options within this transformation. Some customers only realise the speed of the change that is needed at a late stage.”

“That’s why Sixt offers a flexible subscription called Sixt+ flex, which allows customers to change vehicles anytime, using various powertrains, vehicle types and extra options at the place of choice – both for work and during holidays.”

You’re a jury member for this year’s Fleet Europe Awards, and Sixt sponsors the European Fleet & Mobility Manger of the Year Award. What are you looking for in the candidates? 

“I’m not in favour of rewarding concepts. I’m looking for projects that have been realized, with success that can be measured. Savings are key, and this is mainly the result of good policies. How was this managed? What kind of support was needed? What are the key success factors? That’s what I’d like to know.”

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