26 oct 21

SIXT to pilot ProovStation’s AI inspection technology

Mobility services provider SIXT has chosen to pilot ProovStation’s AI-based vehicle inspection technology.

The first pilot will be deployed in Lyon, at Saint-Exupéry airport, with the long-term aim to develop a new technology standard in all major SIXT rental agencies across Europe and the US.

The pilot will enable ProovStation to demonstrate the value of its innovative inspection technology for the car rental sector.

Vehicle inspections are time-consuming, especially for rental businesses where a manual inspection process can also be subjective and stressful for both customer and employee.

A vehicle-sized scanner

ProovStation has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered, automated vehicle inspection solution, comprised of an industrial-sized scanner, with built-in sensors, cameras and a lighting system that gives a 360º view of the vehicle.

The inspection process itself is then automated and uses upwards of 200 4K resolution images of the vehicle. Using these images, the machine employs AI to detect damage type, location and severity.

ProovStation states that customers want a clear, fair and transparent vehicle inspection process, so the capacity to provide an automated comparison between departure and the return of a rental vehicle will enable all participants to enjoy a documented, fair and transparent damage management.

Based in Lyon, France, the company develops a range of high-tech automotive scanners dedicated to professionals, to support them in their digital transformation, automation, and standardisation of their new and used vehicle inspection process.

Improving customer and employee experience

The service automatically provides standardised, fully digitised evaluations and reports to improve the customer and employee experience.

“SIXT has already a long history in innovating with advanced and modern digital mobility and tech solutions, and this is only one further step to deliver a transparent and fair status of the vehicle and to give our customers a cutting-edge rental experience,” says Felix Steinhauser, Director Global Business Services of SIXT

Cedric BERNARD, CEO of ProovStation added: “We are proud to have been chosen by SIXT as their automated vehicle inspection partner to explore this new technology to provide a 100% digital, convenient and trusted car renting experience.”

The vehicle inspection scanners can be branded and rented from ProovStation, under contract, for a fixed monthly fee.

Image courtesy of ProovStation

Authored by: Alison Pittaway