4 mar 19
Fil d'Actus

SnappCar expands shared private lease scheme

Netherlands-based carsharing company SnappCar has made a deal with ALD Automotive, Justlease and Directlease. Under the arrangement, private-lease drivers can get a rebate on their lease fees if they share their car at least twice a month via SnappCar. The rebate increases in line with the number of times drivers share their cars. SnappCar already had a similar agreement with Business Lease and LeasePlan, also limited to the Netherlands.  

SnappCar is part-owned by Autobinck, the parent company of Business Lease, which last year merged with Justlease. A recent pilot project, using Fiat 500s via Business Lease subsidiary Privatelease.com, shows that private-lease drivers are twice as likely to share their cars than Snappcar users who own their vehicle. 

This indicates a significant growth opportunity, says Victor van Tol CEO of SnappCar: “Sharing a private-lease car is a strong formula because drivers are committed from the start to share their vehicles. It's part of the deal. Once they have experienced the advantages, they are motivated to keep sharing their car.”

By expanding the cooperation to other lease companies, the range of vehicles participating in the scheme is expanded to include the Peugeot 108, VW Polo, Opel Astra and Dacia Logan.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs