3 mai 19

5 reasons you should have heard of Bond Mobility

Fast as a car, but agile as a bike? It is a Smide shared bike of Bond Mobility, and here are five reasons why it could be your next commuting vehicle. 

  1. Shared. Bond Mobility provides shared bikes, so you don’t need to own a car, you are not responsible for its maintenance and/or parking it at night, you just drive and go. 
  2. Electric. Moreover, the Smide bike is electric, which prevents you from sweating on your way to work. However, the Bond bike is different than other shared e-bikes, and that is why the DENSO’s New Mobility Group, which includes Toyota and SoftBank,  just provided $20 million in Series A funding to the Zurich-based startup Bond Mobility which was founded in 2017.
  3. Fast. The Smide bikes goes up to 30mph, similar to electric motorscooters (like Scoot), and twice the speed of most e-scooters (like Bird, Lime). 
  4. Far. In addition to the high speed, the Smide bikes have a high range. 
  5. Free. As many other carsharing service, the Bond bikes are dockless. This means that you can pick them up wherever they are available and leave them behind wherever you want to. 

Convinced? At the moment they are only available in Zurich and Bern (Switzerland), but they might come to the US soon according to Techcrunch.

Image: The Smide bike of Bond Mobility (copyright @Bond Mobility).


Authored by: Fien Van den steen