11 juil 19

All-round shared mobility with Gogoro

Gogoro announced GoShare, what it calls the first fully integrated mobility sharing platform. The single platform claims to tackle operational challenges of shared mobility in cities. 

By integrating the Gogoro Network, Gogoro Smartscooter and GoShare App, Gogoro promises a more efficient, smart and convenient shared mobility system.

The Gogoro Network is an intelligent energy platform based on swappable refuelling, by swapping batteries rather than recharging them or swapping the vehicle. Moreover, the Gogoro Network is not only smart, but it is scalable and adaptable to the specific urban needs. 

The Gogoro Network platform is integrated with the Smartscooter via the GoShare application, which not only allows the riders to select their scooter and ride, but also to optimise their ‘swapping / refuelling’ behaviour, hence optimising their rider experience.  

Interestingly, the GoShare app uses facial recognition for the authentication process before getting started. Not surprisingly GoShare is the only sharing service that uses facial recognition, especially since various cities around the world have been questioning the technology lately.  

Authored by: Fien Van den steen