4 juil 23

Learning @ Fleet Europe Days: The Educational Sessions

Continuing a longstanding tradition of promoting the fleet and mobility sector through news, information, and education, the Smart Mobility Institute (SMI), the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) and the Global Fleet Managers Club are pleased to announce their In Real Live sessions on November 22, 2023, as part of the Fleet Europe Days.

SMI Session, 22 November from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm:: 
Mobility: Time for a Reset?

The Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) is the international networking group of corporate fleet and mobility decision makers wanting to accelerate the development and implementation of Corporate Mobility within their organisation.

The current state of mobility poses significant challenges in establishing its rightful position. While only a few company cars have been replaced by mobility budgets, indicating a slow transition, the mobility ecosystem continues to face obstacles in securing technology investments, particularly due to the impact of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, there is a growing interest in mobility at the regulatory level. Governments have introduced tax incentives to promote alternative mobility, and major European cities are actively implementing car access restrictions, thereby creating more opportunities for mobility solutions.

The objective of the SMI session is to initiate a "reset" in the discourse surrounding mobility. Previously regarded primarily as a flexible employee benefit, mobility is now being repositioned as a sustainable solution that aligns with regulatory goals.

This year’s SMI session will focus on corporate mobility, in four perspectives:

  • Mobility Maturity Map – which countries in Europe are ready for alternative mobility?
  • Form factor – what are the new vehicles that will deliver mobility to corporates?
  • Sustainability – beyond employee benefits, how to use mobility for ‘green’ your fleet?
  • Data flow – how to leverage corporate mobility based on data intelligence?

IFMI Session: 22 November from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm:: 
The New Supply Chain: Sourcing and Contracting

For 19 years, the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) has been organising seminars and webinars with an aim to further encourage internationalization of Fleet & Mobility. The IFMI is organised with the support of leasing companies ALD LeasePlan, Arval, MHC Mobility, Holman and Seat CUPRA

In this new era of Fleet Management, where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role and sustainability serves as the driving force behind decision-making processes, a transformative supply chain has emerged. Alongside the traditional Lease-OEM-Fuel trinity, a diverse range of providers encompassing charging infrastructure, connectivity solutions, fleet management tools, and sustainability reporting tools have stepped forward, offering solutions to address fleet managers' strategic objectives, including emissions reduction, improved safety and employee satisfaction, and cost savings.

The primary challenge lies within the procurement domain as specialists strive to contract these vendors while maintaining an efficient and streamlined supply chain. This task proves particularly daunting as many vendors within the new supply chain lack global or international operations.
During this session, we will delve into this challenge and engage in a constructive dialogue to explore effective approaches for seamlessly integrating the new supply chain.

Global Fleet Managers Club: 22 November from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm:: 
Benchmark your fleet: insights into the Global Fleet Survey 2023 results

Who better to learn from and discuss international fleet trends with than your international fleet peers? That’s the idea behind the Global Fleet Managers Club – a club based on sharing best practices by and for international and global fleet managers. Today the Global Fleet Managers Club counts more than 170 members, representing global fleets adding up to almost 2 million vehicles.

This session will highlight the key findings and results of the 2023 Global Fleet Survey, hence will be a session in which you can benchmark your international fleet procurement strategy with your peers.

These educational sessions are reserved for corporate fleet buyer profiles. For more information and registrations, please visit the event website.

Authored by: Yves Helven