8 juin 23

The Mobility Maturity Map 2023 E-Book: the essential trends in European mobility

In collaboration with Deloitte and Willis Towers Watson, Fleet Europe’s Smart Mobility Institute has released its 2023 version of the “Mobility Maturity Map,” now ready to be downloaded from Fleet Europe’s Knowledge Center (see below for the download link).

Sustainability at the top of the agenda

Facing challenging emission targets, corporates are reviewing their car policies to enhance the transition to electric. Beyond the powertrain shift however, alternative initiatives are required to improve companies’ sustainability performance.

The pandemic has accelerated the transition to the digital, generating a different implementation of the workspace; virtual individual and, to some extent, collaborative work can be performed from the employee’s home office rather than from an office building. This has a direct effect on the utilization rate of the company car, and a firm reassessment of its business need and the perceived value of the company car benefit.


Alternative mobility is consequently, at least on paper, a valid alternative for the company car – and this is where the challenge starts. Is the supply chain there to support?
Which regulatory framework, if any, can be relied upon? In short: where can mobility be implemented?

The “Mobility Maturity Map 2023” considers different factors to assess Europe’s mobility readiness and compares 13 countries with each other. The assessment is based on factual statistics, complemented with information provided by Deloitte and Willis Towers Watson

An essential read for the Fleet Community

Fleet Europe’s “Mobility Maturity Map 2023” is a unique source of information and data for fleet managers, procurement and benefit specialists. The E-Book has been made possible thanks to the support and expertise of ALD Automotive | LeasePlan, Mobility Switch, Octo and Smart, and can be downloaded for free on Fleet Europe’s Knowledge Center.

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Authored by: Yves Helven