3 nov 21

“Not all employees can or want to use smart mobility”

This year, Polestar is the sponsor of the European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year category at the 2021 Fleet Europe Awards. This year’s award ceremony will take place, in Brussels on November 10th, at a gala presentation following the Fleet Europe Summit. Tomas Persson, Nordic Fleet and Business Manager, Polestar shares his insights into the future of smart mobility.

But before that, following last year’s virtual event, tickets are selling fast for the 2021 in-person summit. There are still a few left so here’s the link for more information and to get your hands on those last few tickets: Fleet Europe Summit.

1.     How do you see the trend from Fleet to Mobility evolve in Europe post-pandemic?

More companies are starting to integrate smart mobility into their employee offer. This has been accelerated by new transportation needs, when the majority of employees have been working from home and continue to do so. Fleet Managers are seeing that car-sharing and micro-mobility solutions can cover new short-term transportation needs in a cost and carbon-efficient way. We believe this complements operating Polestars as part of a regular company car setup!

2.     What is your advice to corporate fleets wanting to develop corporate mobility with a focus on flexibility and cost-efficiency?

We believe it’s important to find a model that fits the majority of needs in the organisation with a mix of company cars. This could include micro-mobility, car-sharing and other solutions, which will make employee transportation more efficient and, in the end, save money. With BEVs in the mix it will also be a more sustainable solution.

3.     What are you looking forward to (or do you hope to see) in terms of focus elements from the finalists of this year’s Fleet Europe Awards?

We are looking forward to seeing new approaches to smart mobility, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of fleet vehicles, through smarter utilisation where possible. And for company cars and utility vehicles, a strong plan to switch to more sustainable BEV options. Not all employees can or want to use only smart mobility, so a good mix is the best way to go.

Image of Tomas Persson, Nordic Fleet and Business Manager, Polestar, courtesy of Polestar.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway