9 déc 15

SIXT Mobility Consulting: Capitalising on knowhow and synergies

You probably know SIXT as one of the largest rent-a-car companies in Europe or as an international leasing partner. In 2012 SIXT took the next logical step: to offer independent fleet management and mobility consulting services.  

How does SIXT Mobility Consulting relate to SIXT Rent-a-car and SIXT Leasing?
Rudolf Rizzolli, CEO SIXT Leasing: “The main idea behind the start of our the venture was: if you’re running such a big fleet, you have the infrastructure and knowhow, then you should share these with your clients. SIXT Mobility Consulting positions itself as the fleet management specialist of the SIXT Group, allowing our customers to outsource fleet management, optimise TCO, streamline and monitor processes, etcetera. It is a natural extension of our two other activity domains.”

What are your ambitions in terms of business development?
Rudolf Rizzolli: “After Germany, we have opened up branches in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and we are expanding towards additional countries  next year. Our international expansion will happen at a rapid pace, as our international presence is a huge advantage for our clients.”

What are the main target groups for SIXT Mobility Consulting?
Thomas Emmert, Managing Director Sixt Mobility Consulting: “There are 3 target groups for us. The newest, addresses by our Global Reporting Solution, consists of large international corporations that run a fleet across the globe, in various countries with very diverse market contexts. Our global reporting helps them to collect information locally through an innovative approach, consolidate them consistently, and allowing to identify saving opportunities, ensure compliance, implement strategies, etc. The second target group is the one in search of classic fleet management services, for instance to multi-bid lease suppliers, outsource fleet processes, and so on. The third group consists of clients who buy their own vehicles and need a partner to support them in running the fleet in terms of maintenance, repair, tyres, remarketing,… SIXT Group has all these unbundled services already in place, as we developed them for our own rent-a-car and leasing activities, and can offer its clients efficiency and cost advantages.”

What will be the impact of technology and connectivity on the future of fleet management?
Thomas Emmert:” Some day soon, cars will tell the fleet manager where they are, how they feel, what they are doing, so to speak, allowing him for instance to plan maintenance, organise the repair of accident damage, have the lease rate recalculated on the basis of continuous mileage updates. The main advantages are a lower TCO, less downtime and maybe even fewer accidents, if the driver gets incentives for good driving. Moreover, telematics can help differentiate between business and private miles and lower the taxation on benefit in kind.“

Rudolf Rizzolli: “I think connectivity will considerably contribute to increase asset productivity. Today, cars are only driven 10% of the time. Controlling the ‘big data’ allows for a different approach to fleet utilisation, including corporate car sharing. This solution does not substitute company cars entirely, as they are part of an employee’s salary package, but it opens up perspectives for pool cars and service fleets, and can be an alternative for using rent-a-cars.”

Authored by: Dieter Quartier