11 avr 17
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Remote working 'increases productivity'

Within the context of ‘smart mobility’, the option of not having to move at all clearly has a part to play. Polycom has carried out a survey which shows that almost everyone surveyed (98%) believed that productivity is improved if they are able to choose for themselves where to carry out their work from. And 62% would like collaborative technology in order to communicate with their colleagues. In response to the question which is often asked regarding the lack of team spirit if colleagues do not physically meet together, some 92% said that video-conferencing (a Polycom speciality) increases team spirit and strengthens bonds.

Remote working means that employees can choose to work from home, or from another place which may be more suitable than home, but does not require travelling to the office.

The survey was conducted with around 25,000 persons across 12 countries from Europe, North and South America, the Far East and Asia, Russia and Australia.

Authored by: Tim Harrup